Directory of Tattooists in the UK

Reasons to Join

As a great Tattooist, you LOVE what you do. Fact!


To stay in business, you NEED clients. Another Fact!

Regardless of how Talented you are, you’ve got to be Found by the relevant people and that’s when WE Come Into Play.

Let me draw you a picture:

Steve from inKXpert Tattoo Studio in Dukinfield (Manchester) decides to join “Tattoo Near Me” and creates his first listing.

Because of the way we optimize the directory, each individual listing ranks as high as possible on the First Page of Google and Steve’s listing hits 2nd place when searching for “Tattooists in Dukinfield“!

Now let’s say Steve had a last minute cancellation and decides to post on our Facebook Group but while he is waiting for replies something else is happening… Becky finished work early and this would be the perfect opportunity to get her Manchester’s Bee Tattooed on her wrist, she’s on the bus heading home and using her SmartPhone goes on Google and types “Tattoo Artists Near Me” where Steve’s listing happens to be also on the First Page… A quick call then gives Business to Steve and Happiness to Becky!

This seems too good to be true?
It’s nowadays reality and WE ARE ON IT…