If you’ve reached this part of the website, you are warmly welcomed! I assume you are a tattoo lover or at least interested in starting your tattoo journey so this website is made for you.

Firstly who am I? In quick words, I am a tattooed/pierced web designer and I have been connected with tattooists as their customer (obviously) but also as their web marketing consultant for over 10 years.

My passion for web design and tattoos brought me to this project idea when I was trying to find a Tattooist in Manchester that could do the sleeve I had in my mind. Back then I was struggling to find a platform well organized and categorised.

I started with a search on Google as anyone else would but every time I clicked on a website I had to go through it all to find the information I was looking for and sometimes I couldn’t even find a gallery (unfortunately not every web site is straight forward and let’s be honest in the tattoo industry not every tattooist invest a lot on their website developers) and then if I didn’t have interest in that artist I had to go back to Google to find another website and do it all over again…

I just wish I could see all these tattooists in one place!

So I decided to change my search terms and add the word “Directories”.

Yes, I found some directories… No, they weren’t up to date!

Right that’s it, I’m making my own to help people like me!

So Tattoo Near Me was launched to get every single UK Tattoo business on board and help not only clients to find their tattooists but tattooists to find their suppliers, inked models to find their alternative photographers and even tattoo removal businesses have their space in this directory along with tattoo insurance, piercing shops and many others!

This was my first blog post, if you like what I’m doing please stay tuned on this blog and our Facebook page because it’s a pleasure to have you here!

By Tattooist

Founder of the directory Tattoo Near Me based in the UK to provide Tattooists all over the United Kingdom an opportunity to show their business and to be found by the website's visitors who might come from all sources of advertising including Google, Facebook and other online platforms and Social Media Websites.

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