More About this Artist

I am a professional semi-permanent cosmetic consultant in Burton-on Trent. I have had extensive training and create a beautiful look to frame and enhance your features which is designed to suit the individual clients needs and style.

Semi-permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most striking and important features of the face. It is a painless and simple procedure where thin natural pigment hair strokes are added to the brows to make them appear fuller with a natural shape which can last up to 2 years. Whether you have no eyebrows, over plucked or thin eyebrows or you just want a fuller shape, semi-permanent eyebrows are perfect for everyone. Wake up every morning with perfect smudge free brows.


Semi-permanent Eyeliner is a beautiful treatment to enhance your eyes. Painless, defined and smudge free eyeliner will frame and shape your eyes. It will make your eyes look larger and eye lashes more enhanced with this simple procedure. Blacks or natural brown pigments are used to create a sharp defined line to the upper and lower lash line which can last for up to 3 years. This can be thin and natural to make your eyes pop, or heavier and darker for a more glamorous look.

Semi-Permanent Lip Blush

As we age our lips can thin and loose colour. There are two types of lip enhancement, full gloss and go lips are a celebrity favourite, the lips are lined and shaded with different pigments to give the image of a fuller lip, natural colours and more striking colours can be used to give the lips a gorgeous permanent colour. Lip line enhancement is another popular treatment to reshape your lips. A thin natural coloured line is applied to the lip line to enhance the shape, to give you a rounder lip with a perfect shape all over.