More About this Artist

Tattoo House Family Moraes Dr. Sarue & Body Piercing is a unique tattoo shop that operates out of a private residence. The family of artists has transformed their house into a spacious studio in the heart of Salford, Great Manchester. Despite the unconventional location, the studio prioritizes hygiene and security. They provide their clients with a safe and clean spaceThe tattoo shop is primarily managed by the talented Dr. Sarue, a well-known and respected tattoo artist in the industry. Reinaldo Moraes, also known as Dr. Sarue, has been a professional tattoo artist since 1984 with great experience in Japanese, realism, and other styles. Passionate about tattooing, he learned in Rio de Janeiro with his Capoeira master in martial art and tattoo master Caio and tattoo artist Tyes Tattoo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Over the years, he has dedicated himself to studying Japanese culture and other styles to continuously improve his ability to offer exceptional designs that perfectly convey the Japanese culture of this style and other forms of design. Overall, Palace Tattoo House Family Moraes Dr. Sarue & Body Piercing offers a unique and personalized experience for those seeking high-quality, customized tattoo art.