As I’m writing this post, the clock on The International London Tattoo Convention’s Official Website marks exactly 1 Day and 16 Hours to Go!

If you already have plans for this weekend and you won’t be able to Join Us, too bad but if you are not missing one of the best tattoo conventions in the world, here is what you can expect

Let’s talk about drinks first, to avoid long queues at the bar they have implemented a simple token system so make sure you remember to buy the chips because no cash or card payments will be accepted at the bar.

On their home page they are featuring 4 main tattoo artists (Alex Pancho, Arlindo, Ching and Ralf Nonnweiler) but you can count with over 400 of the most talented worldwide Tattoo Artists of modern times so there will be an example for every existing Tattoo Style!

You will experience amazing live acts, loads of bands lined up throughout the weekend and awesome entertainers including a Competition stage with a catwalk, visitors will be able to see the most stunning Inked bodies right in front of their eyes.

As always you will find a lot of food and drinks, you can choose from beers, ales, ciders and cocktails accompanied by Mexican food, Malaysian food, German Sausages, gourmet burgers and if you are a veggie don’t worry because you won’t starve!

Finally, affordable prices… Friday it’s £25, Saturday £35, Sunday £30 and the weekend pass is £55. Buy it quick via Free pass for kids under 14, if they come accompanied by an adult.

Right, time to go and pack my suitcase, thanks for reading!

By Tattooist

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